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Know all about body acne

As you enter adolesence, a large amount of hormones begin to be produced by your body. A number of these hormones are called 'androgens' both ladies and men have them, but men have more of them.

These androgens can affect oil glands in the skin of the face, neck, back, shoulders and chest. Almost all of think that acne happens only on the face. However, this isn't true, acne can happen on any and each part of your body. Acne that is affecting any other part of your body than the face is perceived as body acne. Some common body areas where acne might attack you include arms, shoulders, legs, chest and even ass. Whilst facial acne is commoner that body acne, body acne also has effects on a number of folk. Body acne is more stubborn in comparison to facial acne. This is the rationale why body acne calls fro stronger anti acne solutions. Yet one more factor that draws the line of excellence between body acne and facial acne is the skin.

The skin on your face is the most fragile in comparison to skin on any other areas of your body. Since the skin of your body is a little harder it calls for more concentrated anti acne solutions. Since both facial and body acne seem to be one and the same at the surface, most of us have a tendency to use facial acne treatment systems for disposing of body acne. This is an inaccurate practice.

Since body acne isn't like facial acne, it merits a special anti acne solution that is designed particularly for treating body acne. The Zenmed body acne combo is one such acne treatment system that works well in treating acne on diverse parts of the body.

This unique acne treatment system comprises of the Zenmed botanical acne body wash together with the Zenmed botanical acne mask and spot treatment. Whilst one product is used to clean the body acne, the other is used to treat it. Both the products put together serve as an efficient treatment for body acne. Next time you are working with body acne, ensure you treat it with a suitable solution.


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